Making This Place My Home

Dear Readers,

Now, I know that some time has passed since my first post about my whereabouts here in Whistler. Quite a fair bit has taken place in the month I have been situated in this beautiful little town.
First things first, I found myself a job! I am currently working at the Fireside Lodge in Nordic. I honestly would never have found this neat little lodge if it wasn’t for my friend Dan, who arrived in Whistler a few months before I did. It was there that I was introduced to Adrian and Laura who are working/living at the lodge, just like me. They have honestly been the most friendliest, most accommodating people I have met so far in Whistler (and perhaps even my whole life). They rooted for me when I was waiting to hear back from the manager if they would hire me for the whole winter season, and they showed me around the town, telling me which is the good place to go to and how to do what, and when to get this done. It’s been extremely helpful to have them in my life, as I had no clue on what the heck I was to do in Whistler.

Upon arriving at the lodge, they had a little get together involving BBQ and Alcohol. I was introduced to their little Whistler Family they brought together. It was nice, I wasn’t so nervous about being in such a new environment anymore. I was able to meet TJ, Elli, and Insa as well. It was a fantastic night, full of laughter, games, photo shoots, and (basically) living life the best way we can.


_MG_8094        _MG_8136_MG_8161        _MG_8107_MG_8155        _MG_8154_MG_8207         _MG_8166


I knew from that first night at the lodge, that this was the place I needed to be for the winter. I had no concrete plans, nothing shaped out to guide me forward. I was just blindly following wherever it was that I needed to go. I felt that whatever fell into my lap was gonna be the right decision. And so, I took the job here at Fireside, and I’m currently waiting on a few things. For example, SNOW, Ski Pass, Second Job (as this place is ridiculously expensive), and of course, SNOW. I know I already mentioned snow before, but that’s just because I’ve been very disappointed with the weather we’ve been having the past few weeks. The weather keeps changing, from rain to snow and then back to rain. Although, I did get a few moments where I was able to snap a few pictures of the beauty of the town.

_MG_8724 _MG_8698 _MG_8681 _MG_8688

The main thing I’ve been doing is just sorting out my photos from the summer, and reflecting on the year gone by and the start of a new adventure, working, seeing friends, and just trying not to spend money on things I don’t need at the moment. But, it’s been good. I’m happy with my new home here in Whistler, and the Fireside Lodge has been an amazing place to live.

_MG_9129 _MG_9140_MG_9136 _MG_9134_MG_9132

And suddenly, before any of us knew it, Christmas was upon us. I actually couldn’t believe it was that time of the year again. When you have so much to do, and not much plans to sort it all out, you sort of lose track of time for a while. I actually haven’t explored that much of Whistler to be honest. But, I still have the rest of the winter season to see all that I can see here. There have been times when the weather has been in our favor, and everything was looking so beautiful. Like, when they put up all the Christmas lights all around the Village, and the snow fall was absolutely perfect. Except, unfortunately, we keep getting rainy weather, and the temperature goes up and it’s almost like it’s spring. That can kind of be a downer for those of us that are desperate for snow. But that didn’t stop the holiday spirit from being crushed. Christmas came and went, just like that. I will be honest, a part of me was missing home, and I missed Bell 2 Lodge, and the holiday celebrations we have up there. It’s not uncommon to feel that way though. A lot of us talked of home and what it is that we did during Christmas. It was nice to share all these things with people, and we stuck together and celebrated this joyous time with each other, and managed to cook up a pretty good meal for us to feast on. It’s been a while since I ate that good.

_MG_8760 _MG_8773 _MG_8783  _MG_8815

_MG_8820 _MG_8831 _MG_8844 _MG_8865_MG_8871 _MG_8931 _MG_8940 _MG_8973 _MG_8971 _MG_8982_MG_9047 _MG_9038 _MG_9051 _MG_9060 _MG_9066 _MG_9076 _MG_9077 _MG_9085


 And so, my time in Whistler has been well spent. I’ve been one of the lucky few who came here and have instantly been fortunate enough to achieve a job and a place to stay and live. It’s really a tough town to survive. People from all over the world have been flooding in, constantly coming and going. Think of it like a circus; we are all trying not to be the ones that go home. And I, myself, am determined to last the whole season.

Well then, my fellow readers, I will end the post here. I apologize for the long wait. The time is passing by very well here, and the adventure never really stops. I’ll continue to record my time here and keep you updated. For now, I got my fingers crossed and my hopes high for better weather and a chance to finally get up the mountain. Stay tuned and get updates by following my blog, or checking out my facebook page

5 thoughts on “Making This Place My Home

    1. Hello! Yes, of course I would love for you to use my photographs. That place is my second home to me. if you could, let people know who took them? Just as long as I can get credit for them. Also, sorry for the late reply. I’ve been busy at work at a remote lodge and don’t always have internet

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