Is This Real Life?

Dear Readers,

Time is fickle fiend, and I have no understanding of it. How can it already be February? It doesn’t seem that long ago of when I first arrived here in November. A lot of great/amazing things have taken place since I’ve set foot in this adventurous town, and have absolutely no regrets of making the decision to live here for the winter. Granted, this place is ridiculously expensive, and money just seems to disappear during those inebriated nights, and it’s rather depressing to spend so much time in the grocery store wondering if you have enough to buy a can of soup. But, as they say, C’est La Vie! It wouldn’t be an adventure without little set backs, and emotional breakdowns.

One of the most depressing things about living in Whistler right now, has been the lack of snow. Sure, the weather has been absolutely beautiful, and the scenery can take your breath away. But, I didn’t come here for the green grass and blue skies. I came here because this is an amazing winter wonderland to conquer. So, I’ll deal with all the sunny skies, the warm humid air, because I know the best has yet to come.

_MG_9812 _MG_9780 _MG_9289 _MG_9830 While I was sitting around, patiently waiting for snow (more or less), I took to exploring the land and seeing what kind of hidden treasures this place may hold. Something that had caught my attention and determination was the Train Wreck. The story goes, that a few decades ago, a train derailed south of Whistler. It has since been left there, as the town deemed the cost to clean up the seven train cars too high. But through time and effort, the train wreck was transformed from the mess of the accident into a beautiful work of art, a killer bike park, and an amazing hike.

Now, how I got to the train wreck was pretty simple (sort of). The easiest thing to do is to make your way to the end of Function Junction, by the auto shop, and walk through the gap in the fence and go south on the train tracks (Be careful, as I heard of some people getting fined for walking along the tracks). You walk along just for a few minutes before you reach a small yellow sign on the left that says Train Wreck. You go through the trail it points you too and follow along that for a while. You will see some pretty amazing views of the Cheakamus River. You can follow the trail for quite a bit, or stick by the tracks if you want, but it should be no more than half an hour to reach the wreckage.

_MG_9911 _MG_9915 _MG_9957 _MG_0009

This would have been the case for me, but I accidentally over shot my destination. Instead, I ended up going 2km farther from the train wreck. I accidentally missed the last marker and kept on going. But, in my defense, they should not have put a small, yellow arrow on the ground to the left and expect people to see it (It was tiny!). Fortunately, I was not the only one who was lost. I ran into a nice couple that were also on the search for the wreck.We talked, had some laughs, and when we realized that we had gone way too far, we turned around and were about to give up on the idea of seeing the train wreck, when I had looked down and caught the yellow sign on the ground out of the corner of my eye. Not even half a minute later, we found ourselves staring the beautiful wreckage before us. Graffiti artists came along and tagged along all the train cars and created such beautiful art works, that I was at a loss for words.

_MG_0016 _MG_0062 _MG_0128 _MG_0066 _MG_0045 _MG_0144 We walked around for a bit, stared at the beautiful mess before us, and took some pictures. But, the long day of walking back and forth took hold of us and needed to get back home and replenish our health. We had walked around 8km that day, when it really should have been just 2km, if that. I honestly don’t understand why these things keep happening to me. I usually always end up going off my destination marker and veer into some unexpected path that hasn’t been trenched through before. Suddenly, a hike that was only supposed to be a half hour, turns into a full day expedition. Well, I guess you can’t say I don’t know how to party.

Well, that is all for now. I have quite a bit more to tell you, but I’ll save that for another day. Be sure to follow my blog to get updates on my time spent in Whistler, BC. And check out for more photo updates on my adventures!


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