Foot stomping, Hand clapping Good Time

Dear Readers,

Just to let you know what the devil it is that I have been up to in good ol’ Whistler, I’ve been trying to get out and see as much of this place as possible. The sudden realization of that we are halfway done with the winter season has sent me into a craze, and a panic of how short and fast my time here really is.

What do you do when real life has come crashing down on you and you are not sure what the heck it is that you are doing? You go see your favorite band play live, of course. It is with such luck that one of my favorite BC band just happen to arrive in Whistler. Shred Kelly is absolutely, without a doubt, the best band you can come and see, as they never fail to deliver a good great show!

The very first time I got to experience the amazingness of this lovely band was back in July 2011. I had scored the weekend off of work and was able to go to the Kispiox Valley Music Festival in my hometown, Hazelton. Now, this is a music fest that you have to attend as it attracts only to most talented people on earth (in my opinion). Hippies, blue collar, white collar, backpackers, weekend warriors, and anybody of whatever background you can think of come to this festival to let out and expose their beautiful-selves. I’ve only ever been to it a few times in my life, but always had the best of times.

When I first heard Shred Kelly play, I was filled with such joy that erupted through my entire body and I couldn’t control myself and was overcome with these dancing feet. And I wasn’t the only one to do so, the whole crowd went nuts and the entire place got up and overcame the stage.

IMG_6072 IMG_6078

And just this past summer, whilst running amok Canada, I randomly stumbled upon their shows in different locations across the country. First time it happened was in Kensington Market, located in Downtown Toronto. As much as loved traveling around this beautiful country and seeing all that I did see, a part of me yearned for my native land, the rolling green hills, and the ever lasting mountains of BC. And having found out that a BC band was playing in Toronto over thrilled me. And strangely enough, after a couple months on the eastern side of Canada, I made my way back to BC lands, and saw that Shred Kelly was once again playing within the same vicinity as me. This time, being at the Biltmore Cabaret in Vancouver. Both times I’ve run into them have been, to say the least, worth while.

_MG_6141 _MG_6233 _MG_6206 _MG_6074 _MG_6411 _MG_6324 _MG_6347 _MG_6228

And how stoked do you think I was when I found out that they were going to be playing here in Whistler, of all places? I was over the moon happy. Not that the music scene here isn’t good, but how much dubstep can one person  take? I miss sound of drums and guitar (and in this case, the banjo and ukulele), along with beautifully well sung voices of the band.

The band was to show up in Whistler for the first annual Winter Carnival, right by Alta Lake at the Point Artist-Run Centre, which wasn’t to far away from where I lived. But, it was to be quite a walk, so I decided to cut right across the lake to save some time. It was a little sketchy at times, as the ice was making some pretty strange noises. Also, this was during Whistlers cold spell, and it was freezing walking out in the open lake, and I was more or less frozen and had a little trouble feeling my fingers and toes. But, definitely well worth it to make it on time to the show. It actually didn’t take very long for the floor to be filled with enthusiastic fans, dancing freely, singing their heart out, and experiencing the feeling of being completely and utterly alive.

_MG_1058 _MG_1145 _MG_0781 _MG_0999 _MG_0813 _MG_1102 _MG_1138 _MG_1141 _MG_0742(2) _MG_1174

Thankfully, I made it back home safe and sound sometime around midnight, and with the complete satisfaction of having the most fun I’ve had in weeks (due to the wonky weather Whistler has been showing off). I went to bed that night wondering when would be the next time I run into Shred Kelly, and what adventure I’d be on at that point.


Well, my fellow readers, this is all for now. More to come soon! We’ve had some good snow falls (finally) withing the past couple weeks, things have been happening, I’ve gotten a couple more job offers that have peaked my interest. But, more details later. Check out my facebook page for more photo updates!

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